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 Cancellation and refund Policy:


Welcome to JATAKAREMEDIES, which offers ASTROLOGIAL REMEDIES-based services under full ownership of “JATAKAREMEDIES by ”. Unless excluded by or incompatible with the topic or context, “JATAKAREMEDIES” shall be deemed to include its affiliates, successors, agents, and assigns (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider). JATAKAREMEDIES encompasses any software, web platform, blog, social media account, or Website Service Provider occasionally developed for use in connection with educational services only. All payments for JATAKAREMEDIES-related services must be made into a bank account named “ or JATAKAREMEDIES.”

 JATAKAREMEDIES will refund the entire fee after deducting applicable taxes (if any) and a 5% service fee to any member who requests for cancellation of the service fee before 48 hours of your given service time. No service fee will be refunded if the request is made one day before, on the same day or just before your allotted service time. In addition, for personal services, the total amount to be paid in advance for appointment confirmation. For email services, cancellation requests should be made at least four days before your report-sending date. No partial refunds are allowed in email services once the audio report is sent to your email ID or on a same-day cancellation request.

Suppose any postponement of any service is agreed upon mutually. One-time service postponement is entertained. but the same appointment asked to be postponed more than once. The given appointment stands as automatically cancelled, and no refunds are allowed. The client has to book a new appointment. 

The various services provided by JATAKAREMEDIES must be paid in full in advance. You agree to be bound by these payment terms & refund policy, also known as the Payment Cancellation and Refund Policy, by using our services and paying JATAKAREMEDIES on the Website. Please carefully review the Payment Cancellation and Refund Policy. This Payment Cancellation and Refund Policy will be applied to all payments.

 Our Terms and Conditions Agreement includes the applicable rules and instructions for using our service services through the website of through WhatsApp or any other medium. In addition, this contract enables us to regulate user behaviour, the use of our intellectual property, the right to close accounts, and the liability and warranty exclusions.

 Any additional information you provide on our Website will be treated per our “Privacy Policy,” “Disclaimer,” and “Terms of Use.”

 1 Acceptance of this Payment Policy

The terms of use for creating a payment to obtain membership service on this Website are spelt out in this Payment Policy, a legally binding electronic contract. This payment policy may be changed at any time by the service provider. Any such changes will take effect at the Service Provider’s discretion. You agree to all of the terms, conditions, and notices in this payment cancellation and refund policy by using and making a payment there.

 2 Termination of Agreement Without Refund

Anyone found using the JATAKAREMEDIES website for copyright temperaments will be immediately and permanently banned, and your IP address will also be blocked.

 It would be best to speak respectfully and formally during the service with Mrs.  or before the appointment discussion with JATAKAREMEDIES team members.  Any rude, offensive, filthy, disgusting, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate messages will result in appropriate legal action on the person and a permanent block without a refund.

Staff abuse is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form and will result in a permanent block with no refund.

 Please be aware that ALL members of JATAKAREMEDIES—free or paid—must abide by the guidelines outlined in these terms and conditions. If you don’t, you risk getting banned without a refund.

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