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Welcome to Jatakaremedies.

Jatakaremedies started to display a precise path for performing jataka-related remedies with an integrated approach starting from selecting the graha japas relating to your horoscope, performing them by dedicated pundits doing danas on behalf of yours for the betterment of an individual. You can contact us for the same bestowing as per the astrologer's instructions according to your horoscope results.

Our human life is a complicated system, and our karma starts before our birth or stepping foot in this universe. Our life journey begins in the mother's womb. As per the Vedas, our birth on earth is decided by our previous births' sanchita and prarabdha karma, which we carry physically in "Maya" for around nine months. After our physical presence in this universe out of Mother's womb or Maya, God transfers our responsibility to the planets and stars who keenly observe every movement of our life linked to time




What is the actual purpose of remedies? Knowing the present birth karma and doing remedies are the platforms for being good and doing good; every karma affects us physically and mentally in a good or bad way. The excellent way makes us do good deeds and bad experience makes us feel negative. The amount of negative energy accumulates when we are not avoiding it as it should be. In the Vedas, the remedial part was introduced in different ways, starting from simple life techniques like pranayama asanas, doing various rituals like chanting the moola or beeja mantra of the planet for specific numbers, and wearing gemstones, etc.


In the above methods, the best approach is to chant moola or beeja mantra or slokas for the planet several times as per the planet Dasa and Antar Dasa by a learned Brahmin doing different samskaras daily.

Another method is individually performing homam for a particular planet in an auspicious place. All the above are done with mantras and sankalapa included in it.

The third method is giving daanam to a learned priest who is also a great devotee of God for that particular plant in sufficient quantities.


In all these, all the nine planets represent different forms or represent other elements on earth, and they are either living things, non-living objects, etc.

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